Un des hits du moment « Work » de Rihanna et Drake contient bien un sample, même si les extraits laissent penser à une simple coïncidence…

Les extraits :

• « Work » de Rihanna feat. Drake (2016)

• « Sail Away (Riddim) » Richie Stephens & Mikey 2000 (1998)

Le sample a bien été « clearé » par les ayants-droits, comme l’atteste la source suivante.
Stephens said he was overjoyed when contacted by Rihanna’s representatives to get clearance for the sample.
“They contacted me last week Tuesday and asked if I was the producer and owner of the master and I told them yes. They said they would appreciate if I could move fast in assisting with the clearing of the sample because they wanted to release the song. So I put them on to my publisher,” Stephens explained.